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A warm welcome




I am Anto Sticca, a British graphic designer whose career began in Italy.

I have always been a fan of printed magazines, but I have recently grown to love designing for different platforms.

I mention magazines for a reason. I am highly experienced in the use of typography and fonts, and select the most appealing and appropriate for the given context. I favour restraint and illustrate with simple, modern type fonts.

I am not a calligrapher nor a typographer, but I feel that my spirit is in between!

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The gift of eyes-for-design


I also love photography, especially portrait and fashion photography. Nothing combines fonts and portrait photography better than magazines.

I have recently been hired to work for a company which combines two of my favourite topics: current affairs and publications. This position has provided me with the opportunity to develop and advance my skills in Art Direction, Photography Commissioning and to become an experienced Photo Editor. It has also helped me acquire new skills in Photoshop and in another of my favourite software: Illustrator.

In addition, I have been in charge of product redesign throughout my career; and in presenting these to various teams in London as well as in Paris. I have been responsible for all aspects of the redesign process and the adaptation of redesigns for new managers, platforms or clients.


The challenge


I have received much praise for following accurately brand guidelines.

I am experienced in working as a full-time employee and as a freelancer, and I am comfortable working for different platforms. I am friendly, communicative and straightforward.

I can happily take the lead, but as I mentioned just above, I can also follow guidelines easily and successfully.

Anto in a recent photo.